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Company Profile

Main's Engineering (Development) Limited is a registered contractor with the Construction Industry Council and the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department. In 2015, Main's Engineering obtained the 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Standard of the International Organization for Standardization certification to provide comprehensive engineering services to customers. We provide a full range of engineering services, including electrical engineering and air conditioning engineering services, as well as maintenance and improvement works for installing water tank systems and water supply systems. We also provide a wide range of property repair and maintenance services, including waterproofing, painting, and interior renovation works. Our clients include not only private housing estates and buildings, but also government departments and public organizations. Main's Engineering is the contractor for the maintenance of electricity and generators in the properties of MTR Corporation Limited (MTR). We provide the refurbishment and improvement works for CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP) power stations, as well as the maintenance and testing services for Drainage Services Department sewage treatment plants and Hongkong Electric Company.

In 2018, Main's Engineering has expanded the business to solar photovoltaic system projects to protect the environment and promote renewable energy to the community. Main's Engineering has extensive experience in installing solar photovoltaic systems for the rooftops of village houses, warehouses, housing estates, and commercial buildings. Our professional team plans and undertakes projects for different types of buildings and factory buildings to ensure that all projects comply with the legal requirements. We provide professional consultancy and one-stop services to customers from on-site assessment and inspection, engineering renovation to maintenance and repair.

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